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Decoration - Residential

The final stage of any project is the Decoration, and it should be the most fun. However, it is very common for many individuals to struggle with this, as they are not able to visualize the final result.  Items may look very good in a magazine or shop display, but they may not relate to your home or perceived location. How many times have you shopped for hours only to come home with something which just looks wrong?  As a Professional Interior Decorator, I can save you a lot of stress and money.  I will ensure all furniture and accessories purchased will be good value, look great together and complement your home and your lifestyle.  I will help you create the look you desire, at a budget you can afford. 

Every individual is different and I strive to ensure that individually is reflected into the interior & exterior of your home.   We all have treasures which we like to display and very often it is just the skill required to place these items into the right place, which will make such a difference.  An items placement is just as important as the colour and texture and it is this experience which will create the difference between Good and Great Decoration.

There are two ways which I can help you;

Retail:  I can take you shopping, give you suggestions and work with you to ensure you take home the pieces which will support your desires and the overall look.  As a Professional I often receive Trade Discounts in excess to what you may have achieved, I pass these discounts directly onto you. You pay for the goods there and then, or receive a quotation with the discount listed for you to consider at a later date.

Wholesale: As a Designer and Decorator I am able to order direct from the importer or supplier.  I travel to the various Trade Only shows held throughout the year, which showcase the latest designs and products available, often many of these new items fail to reach our stores in this area, for a considerable amount of time.  These items are usually supplied to you at approximately 50% off RRP, and come with the manufactures 12 month warranty.  I have a very honest and transparent system in place where you pay for the goods at my cost price; plus 25% as commission for supply. 

ART Supply is one avenue where this works very well.  If you book a consultation, I will come to your home with 1,000’s of images and descriptions to help you select the correct art piece directly in front of the wall where it is to hang.  My consultant fee is usually more than covered with the savings you make by buying wholesale, plus you have a professional advising you as to which artworks will complement your home.   

I am very dedicated to ensure you are advised correctly on each and every component, let me help you get it right, so you can sit back and enjoy your home.