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Colour - Residential

Colour has the ability to change an individual’s emotions; is altered by colours which surround it and will change as to the position of the sun. Therefore it is of no surprise to learn “Colour’ is the most difficult to get right, and is the major element of design to cause concern. Don’t worry I am here to help!

Each and every colour must come from one of the three primary colours of Red, Yellow & Blue, even so called White and Black do in fact have a base colour. Colour science is indeed fascinating and very rewarding if used correctly, it is not to be feared but embraced.

Most people refer to paint when selecting colour, however it is imperative the colour selection of every component is taken into account before the paint colour is selected.  If you are renovating or repainting your home, many of these items, such as roofing, windows, floor coverings, cupboards and benches are already fixed in place and therefore these fixtures will have a direct influence on the colour selection.  It is reasonably expensive to paint the Interior or Exterior of your home; however this cost is not affected by the actual colour, and only minimally by tonal variation.  It is therefore both financially and emotionally advisable to ensure you will achieve the best result prior to any paint being applied to the walls.  There are so many colour choices; you just have to be trained to know which to choose to obtain your desired effect and this is what I do very well.

If you are planning to build your new home, you have many decisions to make with Colour choices being close to the top of the list.  It is these factors which will determine the success of your home, and the ambiance they will create.

As a Professional Colour Consultant, Designer and Decorator I have the ability and dedication to ensure your dreams become a reality.

Let me help you,