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Design - Residential

 Design is always the first stage of creation, and it is at this stage where so much can be achieved, at minimal cost to the overall project. Often home owners have looked over their plans for so long; they are amazed and frustrated when shown a very simple design flaw.  However it can often be changed with little fuss, if discovered early.  As a Professional Designer I suggest you let me take a look at your plans as early as possible, so as to ensure you are not stuck with something which could have been easily prevented.  

Clever Design is the combination of style, function and aesthetics, which produces an item, room or home, which is unique to the individual or family to whom it relates. It is achieved through dedication and the willingness to look outside the square to find the right solution.  

If you are building your Dream Home, Renovating your Kitchen or Bathroom, or planning an Extension, let me help you create the best possible result. I am trained to ensure your new home or renovation is the most functional and aesthetically pleasing available within your budget.

I have considerable knowledge & experience in all stages of construction, and am able to offer independent advice as to the advantages and disadvantages of most building products. I can recommend quality builders and/or trades personal who are honest and reliable, I can Project Manage your renovation or advise you on DIY options, the choice is yours.

Let me show you the difference a trained eye and mind can make to your project, to provide an outcome beyond your expectations.