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Decoration - Commercial


To provide the finishing touch to any commercial project is to ensure it has every chance of success.  The marketing of a finished product is greatly enhanced if it is professionally decorated to show it at its full potential. In a residential development, to furnish and accessorise one individual unit will be of great benefit to all units within the complex, resulting in a higher return on the overall development.


Function and Aesthetics are the two major factors in selecting fixtures, fittings and furniture for any rental accommodation. Every item must be able to retain its appearance and function after being subjected to its anticipated use. As a designer and decorator, I find affordable solutions so as to create functional, aesthetically pleasing interiors which will greatly appeal to your projected cliental.

I attend the major furniture and design exhibitions throughout the year, so as to keep completely up to date with the latest trends and products available. I am able to supply these items at a reasonable cost to you, prior to them reaching the retail outlets keeping you ahead of your competition. I can provide complete furniture packages or one off items to enhance the existing décor, or if you prefer I can design and supply custom made furniture, to suit your requirements. I have the desire and training to ensure your investment is exceptional and your efforts rewarded.

If you want to gain the difference between good and Great, contact me to discuss the various options available to you. I can assure you will be very happy with the results.