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Design - Commercial

The most critical stage of any Commercial Development is in the Design, as it is at this stage of the project where minor changes can make a huge difference to the overall outcome. The profit margin of the investment is directly linked to the sale price achieved on completion, therefore how well it looks, feels and functions to the projected cliental is of the upmost importance. As a Designer, Decorator and Colour Consultant, I am able to visualize the finished product and submit any proposed alterations for consideration whilst it is still cost effective to do so, eliminating many concerns whilst in construction.

Visually enhancing the interior to include the exterior is a very sort after Design Principle.  However it is not just a matter of adding a large doorway opening, but the consideration of all the elements of design so as to ensure a seamless transition is achieved and the outdoors become an intricate part of the indoor ambiance.  As all external components are required to be selected before council submission, it is the colour, pattern and texture of these products which will have a major impact on the internal component choices. Exceptional Projects can only be achieved via careful consideration of all elements of design, and their correct implantation to ensure the desired Principle of Design is achieved.

I attend various trade shows and seminars throughout the year which enable me to keep up to date with the latest trends, and discover the new products and materials being released.  I am very familiar with each stage of construction, which helps me keep abreast of the various trades and their requirements, thus providing a smooth transition between them and keeping construction time to a minimum.

My experience and dedication to your development will ensure the finished project will be ideally suited and desired by the prospective purchaser, enabling you to achieve the maximum return on your investment.