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Colour - Commercial

Colour is only one of the seven elements of design; however it often causes the most concern. In the building industry it is the paint colour which usually creates the first impression, and therefore it has a major impact on the project.  However it is not only the paint colour but those which accompany or surround it which is of equal importance. All colours will change when they are placed near another, regardless of intention. Therefore it is not only the roofing, window surrounds, etc. which need to be considered but the site location, proposed landscaping, paving and driveway.   Colour, like most things in life, needs to work together to achieve the best result.

When repainting an existing building the surrounding colours have usually been determined, and in place, therefore the correct colour choice is more limited. The stress imposed on members of a Body Corporate Committee when it is proposed to repaint, is one most would prefer not to go through. Often owners have opposing views on which colour scheme should be chosen, with most unable to visualize the final result. As a Professional Colour Consultant I have the ability and commitment to address all concerns, prior to my recommendations being submitted. My aim is to ensure, not only the correct decision is made, but the vast majority are happy with the result. I will explain the reasons for my colour selections and the effect they will achieve once applied. I provide visual representations of the various schemes, so as an informed decision can be made prior to the paint application.

In the retail world, Colour is used to increase buyer demand.  The majority of individuals have an emotional effect associated with various colours, and it is the use of this knowledge which will help create the desired outcome. Colour has the capacity to influence people’s feelings and therefore their actions. Careful consideration of the colour element, in any Commercial venture is paramount to its success and future.

There are many factors to consider in relation to the correct colour choice, let me show you the difference between